Concrete Flooring in Providence RI


If you were under the impression that concrete was an outdoor material for garages and driveways along, think again. Concrete flooring is both elegant durable and well-suited to many indoor applications, domestic and commercial. At Providence Concrete Services, we provide these specialized services to residential and commercial locations throughout Providence and the surrounding areas.

Why You Should Consider Concrete Flooring


Many people quickly assume that concrete floors are highly utilitarian material best for protecting outside areas and garages. They might be surprised to see the wide range of beautiful indoor applications of this flooring material.

The best thing about concrete flooring is its extreme strength. Concrete can withstand the weight of heavy trucks, forklifts, goods and heavy machinery. This is why it makes such a good option if heavy-work locations like garages and warehouses.


Keeping your concrete floor looking its very best is not hard at all. All it takes is a thorough regular cleaning and a proper wax and resealing every so often. Even the most densely trafficked areas can be kept looking as good as new.


As long as your concrete is kept clean and protected from chipping and sharp impacts, you will then have the option to place any other type of flooring on top. Some new materials may need an extra layer added between the floor covering and the flooring you choose.


If you have an old floor you would like removed to make a place for concrete flooring, you will only have to remove whatever was on top. This will reveal the concrete surface ready for preparation. With no new materials being placed or added there is not further depletion of resources.


A properly sealed and regularly maintained concrete floor can last as long as you can imagine. Even in the highest trafficked locations in the commercial sector, concrete flooring regularly lasts for many decades.


Many people hear concrete flooring and get the idea that this is going to b ugly, gray, lumpy and look like the floor of a gas station. But, this is not the case. For the interior of your property, you can choose from a wide selection of colors and special effects




At Providence Concrete Services we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and absolute professionalism when handling all kinds of concrete laying projects. We have a team committed to providing our clients with the best results no matter how big or small their project.

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Sometimes the colors can be added directly to the concrete when it is being prepared for installment. But, you can also have the surface of the concrete acid-stained and then use an appropriate staining agent or waterproof latex paint to cover the floor – there are so many options.

You can also opt for a perfectly smooth floor if you’d like. But, your concrete flooring can also be textured and molded in a number of ways, even providing a faux tile look.

If you are tired of the same old option and are looking for a way to get stylish and creative with your indoor floor. Call Providence Concrete Services at 401-307-5459 and let’s have fun together. We are always looking for a way to exhibit our professional capacity.


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