Concrete Foundation Laying in Providence RI


When it comes to laying formidable foundation, no one does it like Providence Concrete Services. We have many years of experience as leading concrete contractors in Providence. Count on us to construct a durable foundation that will support your structure for the foreseeable future.



As the primary structural element of your building, the foundation is pretty important. The foundation will form the base upon which the entire stack of sticks and bricks will sit. IT ensures that the weight of the structure is evenly distributed across a level surface. Concrete’s compressive strength and durability will allow the structure to be safe and secure and it is essential that they are made to last for generations.



This is the classic option used extensively in places where the ground freezes each year. In this design a T-shaped footing is built deep into the ground past the point of freezing and allows additional support for the walls above. This footing is built wider than the walls themselves to ensure solid support at the very base. After the T-Shaped footing has been installed, the concrete slab will be laid out on top.


In Slab on Grade foundations the concrete will be poured directly on to the ground and does not have the support of footing. Still the edges of this slab will be thicker around the edges. This provides good support for the entire building but is not a good option for every environment. Because the concrete will be indirect contact with the earth, this will only work in warmer climates where there is no ground freezing. This option should also be avoided if floods are constant problems.


This foundation type supports the entire structure on a single concrete slab. In the slab-on-grade options, the slab only supports the lower part of the structure, but a raft foundation supports the entire building. This is done by the use of pillars that transfer the weight of the upper sections. This can then be reinforced by adding ribs or beams to the foundation as needed. If the soil’s capacity to bear weight is in question, the Raft Foundation is the best option to use.


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