Concrete Curbing in Providence RI

To transform the landscape of your home can be as easy as adding a few special touches such as curbing and borders. These kinds of finishing applications can truly make or break your home’s appearance. 

Why should you use concrete landscaping curbing on your property?

The major reason why so many property owners use concrete landscape curbing on their property is that they are tired of having to replace broken or rusted landscaping edging. To solve this long term problem, concrete landscape curbing is the ideal solution.

Installing Landscape Borders

Will my Landscaping be effected by replacing my current Edging with Concrete Curbing?

All of the existing edgings will be removed by the installer, and a 9-inch wide strip of sod will be cut away from your existing landscaping’s outside edge. That will allow the installer to be able to extrude the curb against the current edge.



Will I have the ability to Mow up Against the Curbing?

Your lawnmower blades won’t damage the curbing, and you will be able to mow up against it. This results in having to spend less time weed-eating around the landscaped areas on your property.

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