Concrete Sidewalks in Providence RI

If you are looking for concrete sidewalks in Providence, you cannot go wrong by hiring Providence Concrete Services. We are the TOP sidewalk contractors in Providence and surrounding boroughs. We are considered to be the premier service provider in this line of work for several reasons key among them being our willingness to offer our clients emergency 24/7 services regardless of what day it is.


At Providence Concrete Services, we do not just focus on offering quality concrete sidewalk construction and maintenance services. Instead, we offer quality services with a lot of flexibility so as to accommodate your schedule. When looking for concrete contractors, do not settle for the service provider while you can get the top service provider in your area by giving us a call.


Why Should You Get Concrete Sidewalks for Your Providence Property?


There are several reasons why many property owners across Providence choose to install concrete sidewalks. Below, we will discuss some of the top reasons why you should outfit your residence with concrete sidewalks.


  • For starters, concrete sidewalks are very affordable. If you are looking to save money while getting maximum functionality and aesthetic appeal, install concrete sidewalks.
  • Concrete can also be shaped in varying shapes and designs. This means that you can customize the look of the entrances into your property to suit your personal style.
  • For most homeowners, durability is key when it comes to sidewalks. Concrete sidewalks can withstand a lot of pressure from foot traffic without any drop in lifespan.
  • On getting concrete sidewalks installed in your property, you do not have to worry about regular maintenance and cleaning. As long as you repair the occasional small cracks and clean the sidewalks on a regular basis, they will serve you well for many years to come.
  • Another great thing about concrete sidewalks is that you can customize their design and appearance. For example, you can get colored and stamped concrete installed in your property to improve the visual appeal of your sidewalks.

Why Do Concrete Sidewalks Crack?


There are many different reasons why the concrete used for sidewalks cracks. Some of the most common include:


Lack of a Crushed Stone Base

When concrete slabs are laid down for sidewalks and there is no supporting base made of crushed stone, there is usually a high likelihood of cracks appearing because of different factors such as soil movement


Lack of Control Joints

Control joints refers to the lines tooled into concrete slabs when they are laid down as sidewalks. Without control joints, it is very hard to calculate where the concrete sidewalk will crack.


Failure to Add Construction Joints

Construction joints typically connect two slabs in a sidewalk. If these joints are not added, two slabs on a sidewalk can push against each other hence causing cracking and introducing tripping hazards.


Use of The Wrong Concrete Mix

For quality sidewalks designs, the temperature, water and air mixing usually have to be done right. The best way to get the right concrete mix design that does not crack is to get experienced service providers such as Providence Concrete Services to handle your sidewalk installation.


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