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Concrete Slab

Providence Concrete Services takes great pride in our work and it is evident in the results we achieve for our clients in the Providence area. We offer a wide range of essential services which include slab work, sidewalks, patios, and driveways. We look forward to working with you and providing the concrete flatwork that you need, at an affordable price, and the quality level that you deserve.

Garage Slabs

Traditionally, the average garage slab is 4 inches thick and has 12-inch thick turn-down edges. The size of the vehicles that you will be storing inside the garage will help to how thick the slab should be and what other materials should be added in order to maintain the concrete’s structural integrity.


Hard Trowel Finish

A hand trowel finish is an option that is available for Providence concrete slabs. A steel trowel is used in the process to densify the surface as well as achieve a surface finish that is smooth and hard.


Broom Finish

As implied by the term, this process involves dragging a broom or another similar tool across your Providence home’s concrete slab, to leave a uniform appearance. The textured finish, in addition to providing visual aesthetics, helps with other issues such as drainage and traction.


Decorative Finish

There are many advantages offered by decorative concrete flooring, including being low maintenance, durable, attractive, and economical.

Workmanship Warranty


All work completed by Providence Concrete Services is done in accordance with standard practices that provide quality results. We work closely with all of our material suppliers and concrete producers to provide you with a completed project of the highest quality.

However, concrete is all done by humans, and small imperfections can occur, even under the closest possible supervision.

  • Many factors can damage concrete that is beyond control, including vehicles, equipment, chemicals, de-icers, wear and tear, and other factors.

Concrete will definitely crack. This is the nature of the material. The warranty is defined is the extent of cracked concrete. The concrete construction industry considers cracks that are less than one half of an inch in gap or height to be normal.

Concrete will shift and settle. A concrete slab is going to settle, no matter how well the soil is compacted. Since soil cannot be controlled, we do not warrant settling and shifting.


Weathering can cause stone to become exposed. However, that does not comprise the slab’s integrity. The concrete construction industry considers all popping and flaking that covers less than 20% of the slab’s surface to be normal.


Each concrete mix design is unique. We cannot precisely match the color of an existing design. We do not warrant that any of the work that we do will exactly match an existing product.


Providence Concrete Services has experienced engineers, a diverse background, is always willing to go above and beyond and is the best option for Providence concrete services.

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