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What Services Does a Mason Offer?


Masonry experts usually work with a wide range of construction materials such as concrete, bricks, and stones to retain walls, patios, install chimneys and handle diverse home improvement projects. If you are a homeowner looking to improve the status of your residence, you can benefit greatly by relying on the expertise of a mason. Remember that the smallest home improvement project done by a mason such as construction of a pathway to your curb or the installation of a veneer accent wall can improve the overall aesthetic appeal and value of your home.


Which Are the Top Specializations for Masonry Experts?

Masonry experts can specialize in three main areas. You can however find skilled professionals who are proficient in using the three main materials used by masons namely stones, concrete and bricks. Below is a breakdown of the three main specializations:


Stone masons usually work with natural or manufactured stones and veneer products to create and install different things such as interior and exterior floors and home facades. Stone masons usually have the knowledge and expertise on how to manipulate the material at hand to produce any type of design while re-creating the desired appeal.


These professionals usually work with real, veneer and manufactured bricks. Brick masons are also known as “bricklayers”. Brick work usually requires that the mason pays a lot of attention to detail since bricks usually have to be laid uniformly for the best look. Brick masons typically create and build walls, chimneys, fireplaces, and patios.


These professionals usually work with poured or block concrete. When working with concrete, these experts typically consider the leveling, finishing and managing concrete quality as the cement hardens. Masons who work with concrete sometimes use metals to ensure that their installations have great structural integrity. Concrete masons often work on columns, sidewalks, driveways and walls.


What Are Some of The Common Projects Handled by Masonry Experts?

For interior home improvement projects, homeowners can use veneer construction materials to achieve the desired appeal. Veneer materials are lighter than bricks and natural stones and they are therefore easier to install. Further, veneers are less expensive and they contain less brick and natural stones making them easier to transport.


Chimneys & Fireplaces

Chimneys and fireplaces are more than a hole in the wall where you can burn logs to heat your home. They are an important and standout feature in any home. When installed professionally by skilled experts they can add a lot of aesthetic appeal in a property. It is best to engage a quality mason to install your chimneys and fireplace since cheap imitation that have not been installed by an expert can be spotted from a distance.


Walkways & Patios

A proficient mason can help transform your yard into a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing space by installing a walkway or stone patio. A skilled professional can also add other landscape designs that not only add value to your property but also enhance the appeal.


Retaining Walls & Garden Walls

Garden walls are shorter than normal walls and they are typically used to hold soil in a sloping lawn or frame your garden. There are different types of materials that can be used when constructing garden walls. For example, you can choose to use manufactured or natural stone, bricks or veneer materials around a core made of concrete.


Stone or Brick Steps

On average, a mason can install stone steps for your property at a cost of $2,200. However, the cost can range to a high of $12,000 or even to a low of $1,000. If you are having brick steps installed, you can expect to pay between $150 to $300 for every step that is installed in your property.


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