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One of today’s biggest outdoor design trends is decorative concrete pool decks – a multipurpose, inviting area that surrounds the pool where individuals can hang out sunbathe, and entertain. Although a pool deck might basically function and look like a patio, there are unique requirements when it comes to orientation, sun reflectivity, and slip resistance.



Decorative concrete opens the door to designing swimming pool decks to complement a home’s exterior, blend in with the exterior environment, and replicate the look of traditionally expensive materials including wood, stone, and slate.



If the concrete is structurally sound still, then there are several different ways that a pool deck can be repaired and prevent it from turning into a real eyesore. Depending on the concrete’s condition and your options, there are a number of different options that are available ranging from a basic color enhancement that is achieved by applying stain to a complete resurfacing that includes a decorative overlay.



To achieve the best results, all unsound concrete will need to be removed and all noticeable cracks will need to be filled in to complete the repair successfully. If you have a pool deck that is settling or is not sloped correctly, you also will need to re-level the surface and divert the runoff of water.


If you have a pool deck that is spalling, scaling, or cracking, then the best solution is resurfacing it with a concrete micro-topping or overlay. Resurfacing covers up existing flaws and also upgrades the appearance of your pool area by allowing you to incorporate pattern, texture, and color. There are some systems that are specifically designed to resurface pool decks, and help to reflect heat and improve the surface’s slip resistance.

Although a majority of integral pigments, color hardeners, concrete stains, and other coloring techniques are wear-resistant and long-lasting, years of neglect definitely can make a significant impact. A concrete pool deck may become discolored due to many different causes which include pool chemicals, improper color application, sun exposure, and weathering.


Fortunately, in most cases, you can revive the concrete color by applying a brand new water-based stain or coat of acid. By using a good sealer and UV-resistant staining product to protect the concrete, you should be able to maintain the beauty of your freshly colored pool deck for many years.

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